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  4. Thursday, 19 November 2020
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I've posted this here as im aware that due to some of the webby issues we have, not everyone is registered as a member and can not go into the OGHF members area.

Firstly let me make myself clear that no one is above the rules on our servers, regulars, members, admins, head admins and even council. They are in place for a reason and must be adhered to.

However as a clan the last thing we should do is air our dirty laundry or argue with each other on the servers in front of our player base. I have received messages that this is happening and it needs to stop, i have viewed chat logs and its embarrasing, its been seen in game by council members. Any disagreements/issues should be discussed off server via home page chat or pm, if they cant be resolved offline then get the head admins/council members involved.
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wow what is happening to this clan, thing are really slipping.

Seems lockdown has messed peoples heads up.

:( :( :(
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