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  4. Tuesday, 13 August 2019
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So apparently now we are now able to host an Alpha and Beta team in clan battles which is a perfect for a clan like us.
Alpha team:
This is the team that can only be taken in by Andy and I which i guess you could call our "tryhard team" ;) but jokes aside this team is in Gale league (quite an achievement for ourselves as its most players first proper clan battle). As this team is kind of the figurehead of the clan,we want it to be the best it could possibly be which means that it should mainly consist of our more talented players (which somehow i'm classed as apparently:o ). However, this is not a right for being in the clan as it needs to be earned.So stuff like being unnecessarily vocal in comms or just flat out ignoring "useful" teammates advice could sadly result in a demotion to the Beta team which i will discuss down below. However, there will be times that some players will be unable to play in the Alpha team as you unfortunately may not have a ship that is in the current "meta".

Beta team:
This is the new team that any senior member of the clan can form and take into battle which is basically be our mess around/training team per say. So anyone and everyone can play in this team and perhaps if you play well enough, you could be looking at promotion.
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