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  4. Monday, 14 January 2019
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Firstly, It has been brought to the attention of the Council that there is some debate regarding placement of mines (betties or clays) on or near spawn points/spawn exits.

This is NOT allowed,

There is no ambiguity with regards to which way a clay is facing, if it is on or near a spawn point/spawn exit it is NOT allowed.

Secondly, Camping in spawns is NOT allowed, there is no excuse for it.

Thirdly, Admins please give an informal warning/request to players asking them to follow whichever rule they are breaking, If the player ignores the request then follow procedure and issue a formal warning. If you have concerns regarding any player who persistently breaks our rules please ask your Head Admin to have a look at their record and see if a harsher punishment is in order.

The Council
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