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  4. Sunday, 05 January 2020
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Old Gits Having Fun Test Server IP

Hi All.. As most of you know we have a cod4 test server that Flatty set up a good while back now. Now this was primarly set up to test the cod4 maps we have in our library. Most of which we have tested now.

Just before Christmas we tested some snowy maps on there that Boots wanted a look at. Then we had our clan evening on there. And now over the Christmas New Year period, we have some RAT maps on there. Just for a bit of fun.

So it is there for a number of reasons. And we are happy to listen to any ideas from anyone as to what you would like on there to test.......

Clan nights are always a bit of fun. The last one we had had a Domination map in which was a nice change.

So have a think and have a chat with fellow clan members. And lets see if we can get it set up soon for more testing of sorts of your choice... Its there. So lets use it.

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