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  3. Monday, 12 August 2019
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Just an observation in my first week here.

I really enjoy having people to talk to when i am playing a game, unlike many of my previous games Delta Force, COD and BF there does not seem to be much teamspeak activity apart from a few most nights in part to help in clan battles it would really help us out as a team to regularly communicate with each other or in other words get to know each other.

In order for a team to function as a team requires practice to play as a team, most people i see on here play as individuals whether it is CO-OP, Ranked or Random. Personally I only play CO-OP to complete tasks but surely if there are tasks in CO-OPS to complete we could do this in divisions to help with teamwork.

I am not trying to muscle in on anyone I do not have the time to do any sort of administration as Chris knows my wife and i go all over the continent in our motorhome for about 6 months every year so i just wouldn't have the time.

Quite rightly Chris has nominated two people to run the clan battles, though i disagree slightly on the point of how we play is the reason for this if we practiced more as a team it would become engrained in the team eventually, also it would help in stopping resentment of who is in control as an example (I play aggressively and the other night i went spotting in a clan battle and was told not to, but i did what i wanted to and though it was not solely my fault we lost the game i was partl;y the reason) and playing together frequently would iron out issues such as this.

Could the admins help to make this work a little better?

Steve AKA Joker
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