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  4. Saturday, 09 November 2019
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For anybody who has an Xbox One.....
As I repair computers and laptops my next door neightbour asked if I could look at his Xbox one.
It beeps and turns straight off once you press the power button.
Never fixed a console before.
I did a bit of internet research and come across a fan issue. When you power up the fan should start straight away.
On this system it didnt.
I got my vac out with the small tool attachment and ran it along the vent holes
I then got a hairdryer and set it to cool and full blow. Again I circled around the vent holes where the fan is.
Tried powering it up and yes it worked.
Apparantly when the fan gets full of dust (which they do) a sensor engages a power protection mode that shuts the xbox one off to protect it from overheating.

So there you have it, I hope this helps someone down the line and stops them paying for a repair they don't need



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A good tip for most electronics these days, well those that are fitted with cooling fans. I clean out my pc cabinet at least once a year to try and remove dust from psu, gfx and cpu cooling fans. Gentle going over with the hoover and clean paint brush gets quite a lot off.
I also had a similar issue with tv surround sound system, relatively cheap fix to replace with new cooling fan.

Cheers w
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