Friday, 22 January 2021
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Hi Folks

Well it has been confirmed by many others both within our community and other clans that the issue is global. I have tweeted Activision support and DemonWare (Responsible for the backend) asking for an update. No one seems to have any idea as to what triggers it and how long a server is likely to run for. It does seem to be mainly when game ends and a map rotates though from what I can see.

In the mean time I have carried out the following:-

1. Updated our mod to show info in the lower part of the screen during gameplay describing the issue and our action.

2.Created a script within the game control panel that will restart the server every hour on the hour, if there are players in the server it waits until empty and then runs the command. I hope this means that if the issue arises the server is back up asap.

The only flaw is that the map rotation will start at the beginning again, so we better make sure the first in the list is a good one.

I hope this helps everyone get their WaW fix during this period of Activision disappointment.