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Welcome to the home of Old Gits Having Fun (OGHF).

The Old Gits Having Fun is a community of gamers who through their common gaming style enjoy their online time together. We focus mainly on older games which allow us to host our own servers and therefore apply our rule set.

Have Fun!
We occasionally have matches with other Clans/Communities however this is rare. Our main aim is to create a fair and fun place for casual gamers to call their online home.
Gaming Style.
Our approach to gaming is best described as more mature. For us it's more tactics then reflexes therefore a paced style is applied to most of our servers.
Tried and Tested.
We have host our servers since December 2008, during that time we have evolved our rules and approach rather the applied a revolution. It is our aim to maintain a culture within the OGHF that makes it... The OGHF.
Many Git's have passed through the community in it's 10 years some have moved on to create their own communities online with like minded individuals. Sadly some have passed and are looking down on us from that server in the sky. They all have helped make the OGHF what it is today and will not be forgotten.
Dedicated Servers.
We have our own servers in UK and European Datacentres that enable us to have full access to them at operating system level. Hosting on both WIN Os and Linux.
Admin Tools
All our Admins have multi layered tools that enable them to manage the gameplay and culture within our servers. These can be accessed both in game and via the backend.
Player Stats
Where possible we provide stats that are ranked to enable you to see how you perform against other players within our servers.
Game Control Panel
All our servers are created via a game panel hosted by the OGHF which allows for easy creation and control of many types of game servers.

Thank You!!

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