IW4Admin Command Listing

addclienttag act Create a new client tag (descriptor) False !act <Client tag name> Owner
listclienttags lct List all available client tags False !lct Owner
quit q quit IW4MAdmin False !q Owner
restart res Restart IW4MAdmin False !res Owner
rcon rcon send rcon command to server False !rcon <commands> Owner
prune pa demote any trusted clients that have not connected recently (defaults to 30 days) False !pa <optional inactive days> Owner
removeclienttag rct Remove a client tag (descriptor) False !rct <Client tag name> Owner
setclienttag sct Set a tag for specified client True !sct <Client tag name> Owner
unsetclienttag uct Remove a tag from client True !uct <Client tag name> Owner
ban b permanently ban a client from the server True !b <player> <reason> SeniorAdmin
unban ub unban client by client id True !ub <client id> <reason> SeniorAdmin
tempban tb temporarily ban a client for specified time (defaults to 1 hour) True !tb <player> <duration (m|h|d|w|y)> <reason> Administrator
maprotate mr cycle to the next map in rotation False !mr Administrator
map m change to specified map False !m <map> Administrator
unlinkclient uc Unlink a client from a shared GUID link True !uc Administrator
kick k kick a client by name True !k <player> <reason> Moderator
fastrestart fr fast restart current map False !fr Moderator
setlevel sl set client to specified privilege level True !sl <player> <level> Moderator
usage us get application memory usage False !us Moderator
uptime up get current application running time False !up Moderator
flag fp flag a suspicious client and announce to admins on join True !fp <player> <reason> Moderator
unflag uf Remove flag for client True !uf <player> <reason> Moderator
mask hide hide your presence as a privileged client False !hide Moderator
baninfo bi get information about a ban for a client True !bi <player> Moderator
setpassword sp set your authentication password False !sp <password> Moderator
privatemessageadmin pma Send a private message to all online privileged users False !pma Moderator
runas ra Run a command as another client (impersonate) True !ra <commands> Moderator
warn w warn client for infringing rules True !w <player> <reason> Trusted
warnclear wc remove all warnings for a client True !wc <player> Trusted
requesttoken rt generate a login token for the webfront False !rt Trusted
rules r list server rules False !r User
getexternalip ip view your external IP address False !ip User
ping pi get client's latency False !pi <optional player> User
setgravatar sg set gravatar for webfront profile False !sg <gravatar email> User
nextmap nm view next map in rotation False !nm User

Simple Stats

NameAliasDescriptionRequires TargetSyntaxRequired Level
resetanticheat rsa Reset anticheat metrics for specified client True !rsa Owner
mostkills mk list players with the most kills False !mk User
mostplayed mp view the top 5 dedicated players on the server False !mp User
resetstats rs reset your stats to factory-new False !rs User
topstats ts view the top 5 players in this server False !ts User
stats xlrstats view your stats False !xlrstats <optional player> User

Script Plugin

NameAliasDescriptionRequires TargetSyntaxRequired Level
giveweapon gw gives specified weapon False !gw <weapon name> SeniorAdmin
takeweapons tw take all weapons from specifies player True !tw SeniorAdmin
hide hi hide yourself False !hi SeniorAdmin
unhide unh unhide yourself False !unh SeniorAdmin
alert alr alert a player True !alr <player> <message> SeniorAdmin
find f find client in database False !f <player> Administrator
plugins p view all loaded plugins False !p Administrator
mapandgametype mag Change map and gametype False !mag <Map (eg mp_rust or ''Black Box'')> <Gametype (eg dm)> Administrator
switchteam st switches specified player to the opposite team True !st <player> Administrator
alias known get past aliases and ips of a client True !known <player> Moderator
list l list active clients False !l Moderator
reports reps get or clear recent reports False !reps <optional clear> Moderator
offlinemessage om Send a message to an offline player True !om Moderator
sayall sa Broadcast message to all clients on all servers False !sa <message> Moderator
say s broadcast message to all clients False !s <message> Moderator
readmessage rm Retrieve messages that were sent to you while you were offline False !rm Flagged
help h list all available commands False !h <optional commands> User
admins a list currently connected privileged clients False !a User
privatemessage pm send message to other client True !pm <player> <message> User
report rep report a client for suspicious behavior True !rep <player> <reason> User
whoami who give information about yourself False !who User
pingpong pp pongs a ping False !pp <times to ping> User

IW4 Script Commands

NameAliasDescriptionRequires TargetSyntaxRequired Level
killplayer kp kill a player True !kp <player> Administrator


NameAliasDescriptionRequires TargetSyntaxRequired Level
login li login using password False !li <password> Trusted