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The Admin Code of Practice

(This was created by consultation between Head Admins and others, so it is not just one persons opinion)

As an OGHF Admin you have these powers because we believe that you can keep order on one or more of our servers , and you know the rules thoroughly.

There are some less known requirements that go to make a good admin , you are at times judge and jury we want you to be right when you act .

Treating people fairly is obvious , and if a rule has been broken the circumstances weighed up and an action needs to be administered the following should be considered.

A warning for what appears to be a one off should be done in a friendly manner in chat as a reminder to the player , we all make mistakes or maybe the player doesn't realise he/she has broken a rule . remember language can be a barrier throughout any warnings, if a player continues perhaps a regular can get the warning to the player in another language.

If no luck use the b3 bot to warn them ; type !w player and what rule is broken . this should not contain any insults or threats . After 3 the player will receive a kick from the server that will prevent their return for 6 mins.

If you feel the 6 mins is harsh, then you can put a k instead of w in the third warning and just a kick, if they still persist on return give them the third warning and they have earned their 6 mins .

Bans are obviously a last resort depending on the rules , Do not perm ban anyone, evidence will be needed to apply these. Recordings are best for this , instructions on doing the actual recording are in the forums and we can get a few opinions on if a permban should be applied. Give only 2 week bans in game, weigh up the situation , the player and the rule broken and start as leniently as possible, most perm bans have been issued after a long period of trying to achieve the correct behaviour from the player. Once a temp ban has been applied it is logged in our database and it is easy to extend it once the review is complete.

Why be like this, simply the more players on the server the better and if you think that is a rubbish that some will never behave I can ensure you we have clan members who have been perm banned many times and suddenly the fog clears and they become ideal clan members.

If you have kicked or banned someone there could be an angry reaction , So don't be dragged down to their level, remain cool and at all times polite. Warn the player they is abusing an admin and if they continue issue another ban, maybe a day off to think it over and cool off.

Speccing players is a valuable admin tool, if you and another admin are speccing a player though it should be done discretely as you may require evidence, so do not chat about it on screen, use teamspeak. Apart from warning someone its just really bad manners and sends the wrong message to all players on at the time.

OK this is long winded but i am going to finish(soon). Without players on our servers the game dies . a fair and friendly approach from our admins encourages players to come back and maybe join the clan . Thank you if you have read this far , also thank you for what you have done if you have earned admin status in the OGHF, this is a general guide on how to apply the rules , please read the rules regularly yourselves and dont get caught out.

Let ensure the OGHF roll's on into the future..

Admin / Owner,
I read this Code of conduct and fully agree with everything.
I used to be SA (Senior Admin) for an extinct clan (I think they are) called DEA under the leadership of Red and Nick.
They had basically the same rules and Code of Conduct.
We also used to use the old RCON for admins.


Johan Snyder.
Sent you a Pm Forged.
2 years ago
I have read them...thanks
Just read them I think I am 2 years late :o
:D kitty
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